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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

The Knowledge Calendar published by Quick Communication Services is a gateway to information. While other calendars provide you only dates, ours made by a team of specialists from different branches of knowledge updates you about the important days and events related to geography, history, economics, science, literature, politics, astrology and environment in a nutshell.

The students, teachers, researchers, politicians and the entrepreneurs can get the required information easily from the knowledge calendar. It is appealing, vibrant and useful. You have to put it just on the wall of your drawing room. Our knowledge calendar goes digital.

Communication is co-terminus with life. It is, therefore, necessary to make communication comprehensive, compact and convincing. And our organisation, Quick Communication and Services, is here, and to stay with you to serve that purpose. With a team of experts, QUICK promotes various companies through print, electronic, digital and social media. It employs the latest technology and creates right contents to achieve that goal.

The team of Quick Communication and Services, comprising IT professionals, media experts, content writers and designers, has the fire in the belly to work with finesse.

We delve into each word to make communication highly effective, and are ready to work round the clock for our customers. We, the QUICK are, in fact, a vehicle that connects our patrons with the right people.

Our digitised Knowledge Calendar is here to provide you a quick reference

It is available in Hindi and English also we plan to make the dsigitised calendar in various Indian and European languages. Our baby is just born.Yet, it is strong and sturdy. But we know miles and miles we have to go before we sleep in contentment. So, begin your day with our digitised Knowledge Calendar and sleep not till every piece of information reaches you.

Our Services

We are at your doorstep with the following services:

Information Education & Communication (IEC) Services

Documentary Film & Video Production

Campaign designing & execution

DesigningTranslation (Hindi-English-Bangla-French)

Script & content writing

Event Management

Printing solutions

Website designing

Graphics Designing

Brand Management

PR Marketing

In Media

Glimps of Knowledge Calendar


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